About William Brunson Stafford

William Brunson Stafford is the CEO and Founder of WBS Public Relations.  William Brunson Stafford began his public relations career several years ago in the fashion and PR industry, and worked at Seventh House Public Relations Company for brands such as Lublue, GuiSHEM, Victor de Souza, ODD Molly, and MasioneQe 1977.  During Mr. Stafford’s time at Seventh House Public Relations Company he helped produce and execute an variety of New York Fashion Week presentations and shows, as well as helped produce events for clients.  Later, he moved to SISTER TRIBES where he was in charge of the management of their fashion division, and he oversaw his clients’ press activity, and directed fashion shows and events for the agency in New York.  At SISTER TRIBES Mr. Stafford was instrumental in launching and establishing many young and upcoming brands in the fashion industry, including Margaux Lonnberg, HADRIA, Valentine Gauthier, Alax W. Diamond, LITKE, Electric Picks and Ivana Helsinki.

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